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SWAT Shadows 2 Still in the works!

2012-08-08 18:09:41 by LKLostKID

SO its been over a year coming (or more) for the sequel to Swat shadows episode 2. If you still interested then your in LUCK!
My life since that episode has been pretty manic and have been without the internet and a computer.

I just wanted to let you guys know its still on the way (im still waiting for a few voice actors to send their lines) and should be out before the year is out. its totalling in at 8 mins which is around where id like to keep these at for the time being.
The graphics have been over hauled so im hoping its not to graphic intense for some viewers.

SWAT Shadows 2 Still in the works!


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2012-08-08 18:23:05

Pretty good for an ameutuer.