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SO its been over a year coming (or more) for the sequel to Swat shadows episode 2. If you still interested then your in LUCK!
My life since that episode has been pretty manic and have been without the internet and a computer.

I just wanted to let you guys know its still on the way (im still waiting for a few voice actors to send their lines) and should be out before the year is out. its totalling in at 8 mins which is around where id like to keep these at for the time being.
The graphics have been over hauled so im hoping its not to graphic intense for some viewers.

SWAT Shadows 2 Still in the works!

SWAT Series DVD Package..

2010-06-18 13:08:28 by LKLostKID

So I have always wanted to make my own DVD.. have it in my own DVD collection and be proud of it. I dont know if Im proud of how SWAT is seen by others.. but Im proud of something that I have put so much effort and passion into creating.

My perspective of SWAT is very deep.. there are many more connections and events all intertwined within this animated universe, its so much more than what the first episode shows it as. Im getting real excited about showing you all.. but for now you will have to wait.

So to the point.. I have been working on creating a DVD package for all the episodes.. so far 4 episodes have been planned but there is so much more I would like to add in that it may be 6 episodes.. so I will be uploading 4 episodes on here.. the 4th one will leave you with a lot of questions.. but episode 5 and 6 will answer them and more and leave open for a new series. You can only view these episodes on the DVD.. so yeah if your a fan this will interest you.

Here is prototype one for the DVD case.. I made this at work. uEhM

SWAT Shadows Episode 2

2010-06-14 09:10:03 by LKLostKID

So I have been going over the minimal comments I have for my animation taking in the input and improving the script. Unfortunetly most people dont understand that episode 1 is all talk and that WAS intended.. judging it purely by that most people didnt take much interest..Oh well no episode 2 is on the horizon and I have a REASON for action to be in the animation..

This should hopefully spark some interest in some people and show them that this story is deeper than what that are presuming.

Either way progress is good..subtitles are now going to be included this time round too..

SWAT Shadows Episode 2

So its been a couple of months and I have been hard at work preparing SWAT shadows episode 1 ready to be uploaded within the next month. I'm really quite nervous of how well its going to do, Its my first animation in 7 years that has been longer than 5 minutes. Well Currently the animation is at 7 Minutes long but I'm hoping that when its all finished it will be 11 Minutes long..

I know Newground's notorious for blunt reviewers and I think for once I'm going to try and embrace the critique from some people and apply it to the second episode..

Who know's how its going to go seeing as Episode 1 is mostly dialogue and an introduction to the storyline ahead.. Episode 2 is planned mostly for action so hopefully I keep some people interested and awaiting the second episode.. Who knows.

SWAT Shadows episode 1 Coming Soon